Planning for Muscle Mass Gain for Skinny Guys

Planning for muscle mass gain for skinny guys is very important as most people rush into bodybuilding without any plan, information, or real motivation. I could go into a huge amount of detail for this but I will stick to the first few most important points that you should get a bit of paper and a pen and write down like NOW!

1. Workouts Planning: I do not mean exactly which exercises you will do. Your routine can come later. What you really need right now is a plan on WHEN you will hit the gym. How many times – how do you fit this into your week – how you will react if it clashes with other commitments. Plan to make sure you know you will be going every week at regular times. I suggest about 3-4 times a week with high intensity as you need time to rest which brings us to point two.

2. Rest: I know it seems silly to plan your rest but think about it, how busy is your life going to get? You need time to sleep and recover and when you have work, or study, or social lives. You need to plan your bodybuilding regime around all of these things which means that you might need to sacrifice some things to make sure you get the most out of your workouts. An awesome body takes sacrifice and if you are not willing to do that then you will never get the body you want!

3. Diet: This is so damned important. Planning what you eat, when you eat – even HOW you eat makes a difference (chew your food more – you get more out of each bite!). Make a meal plan and put down what you need to buy every week in your groceries and stick with it. If you do not plan it will fall away and you will start diverting and eating garbage – or not enough food to maintaining muscle growth.

Source by James Mclain

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