How to Gain Muscle – Exercises That Work Fast

If you’re trying to gain muscle fast you need to do exercises that work fast. This is where I am going to show you how to gain muscle by using exercises that build muscle fast.

Before I give you the list of exercises that will help you gain muscle quickly you need to know a few things about how to gain muscle.

First you will only work each body part once a week and keep your workouts to 30 to 45 minutes max. You want your workouts to be productive and the main focus here is to stress the muscles and then give your muscles plenty of time to recuperate. If you do this the final result will be muscle growth.

Second you will only do basic compound exercises and rest two to three minutes between sets. Trust me you will need this rest between sets.

Third you will only exercise 2 body parts per workout 4 sets per body part and between 6 – 8 reps per exercise.

Fourth constantly overload you muscles every workout session and push every set to failure.

Example: Lets say your first week you bench press 200 pounds for 8 reps to failure then next week when you are doing bench presses again try doing 210 pounds for 6- 8 reps too failure. By doing this you are constantly confusing your muscles and adding new stress. This will keep your muscles growing every week.

Sample workout schedule


Back and biceps


Chest and triceps

Wednesday off


Shoulders and forearms


Legs and calves

Sat and Sun off

Exercises you will use

Bench press

EZ curl bar bicep curls

Bent over barbell row or low pulley row

Cable triceps press downs

Dumbbell or barbell overhead press


Standing calve raises

Take this workout program and try it for 30 days you will see bigger muscles.

Source by Cory M

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