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Playing hockey at a competitive level can be physically exhausting. Getting into shape can help you perform at your highest level. How many times have you went to a hockey tryout or camp, and thought wow I am not in shape!

If you are trying out for a high level of hockey it is important to start working out many months before it starts. Putting on an extra 10-15 pounds of muscle can be crucial in making the cut. You want to be the biggest and strongest you can be when hockey season hits.

That being said what are the best hockey workouts and hockey exercises that you need to perform to gain that muscle fast? The truth is there are many. You want to stick to compound exercises that put on size fast. The majority of your exercise days should consist of mainly leg exercises. In hockey, speed is everything. If you can skate fast you can build your game around that.

For example a good hockey workout would consist of a three day split. Day 1- Legs, Day 2- Arms, Day 3- Chest & Back, Day 4- Mixed (Core, running, anaerobic training). Then repeat.

It is also very important to build your forearms as it can greatly improve the accuracy and speed of your wrist shot or snap shot (This falls into the arms day). Having a good snap shot can make you a vital player in key situations. The snap shot is the hardest shot to stop because it has such a quick release.

When training for an upcoming hockey season you should try to start at least 2 months in advance. You can workout everyday with every fourth day a rest. The harder you push yourself, the more results you will see. Get bigger and faster your next season of hockey and control the play.

Source by Marc J Darinoal

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