Health Tips For the Teens

With the drastic lifestyle changes that have been made in the last 50 years, our health profiles have also undergone a massive change. Many of diseases that are now common such as diabetes and heart problems weren’t seen 50 years ago. Stress has crept up and this is also one of the major factors of heart and blood pressure related problems. Of course in the last 50 years technological advances in the field of health have also made us live longer and fewer babies die at childbirth.

Many of the problems are also affecting the teens. For example obesity if one of the problems that many teens are facing. This wasn’t such a problem, even 10 years. With easy reach of junk food and no physical exercise, the proportion of teens that are obese is slowly rising. Obesity can cause early arthritis, heart problems, and high blood pressure for teens as well. Bad food habits include eating junk food, wrong type of food and not eating at the proper intervals. Coupled with very little exercise, the body will soon start showing the signs.

There are some tips for the teenagers that they can follow and get a grip on their lifestyle and health

The tip is to eat right and at the right intervals. Remember that bag of chips that you ate while watching TV and the bag of chips that you ate with your friend will add up dangerous calories. Instead eat proper meals and smaller meals at frequent intervals. It has been proven that smaller meals taken at short intervals discourage the body from forming fats. Eat plenty of greens since they contain antioxidants that delay the process of aging and make us healthier.

Overweight people are prone to diseases and this is true at any age. Exercises should be a form of your daily routine. All you need to do is exercise for at least 60 minutes in a day and you are on your way to fitness. Choose a physical activity, that interests you and you will be able to follow the exercise regime.

Quit smoking and drugs. For a healthy lifestyle, you need to do it now. Drugs and smoking are so uncool. Did you know that for every cigarette that you smoke, you give up 5 minutes of your life? Drugs can ruin your life forever. Think about it, do you want to live and have a healthy and happy life or be dead even before you hit college.

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